Looking for a group activity for your family, friends or a fun get-away with your colleagues? Then check out what we can do for you. This overview is divided into small groups, for groups of maximum 15 people and big groups from 15 people onwards.

Small groups

Book one of our regular tours

All regular tours can be booked as a private group tour and are even customizable. Seen the city center? We introduce you to a new neighborhood. Into beer, but you know the usual suspects? We switch to lesser known beers.

Combine a walk tour with a tasting or workshop

Every month we offer a pop-up tour which usually is a walk tours with an extra activity, either a workshop or a tasting. We can also offer this anytime for private groups.

Have it your way

Is there an aspect of the city that you would like know better, but there is no tour for it? Don't worry! We can provide you with a tailor made tour. Want to have a tour about cookies? Done. Want to see multicultural Antwerp? No problem! Your will is our command.

Big groups

Of course you can do all the fun things we provide for small groups as well, but also a little bit more. When the groups exceeds 20 people, the groups will be split into smaller groups.

Here is what we can provide for big organisations or businesses:

Get a themed tour related to your company

In Antwerp for a conference or looking for a walking tour for your team? Apart from many themes we offer, we can show you parts of the city related to your industry. Are you city planners? We introduce you to the many building projects. Ecologists? We show you around some ecological projects.

Do a city quiz tour

Perfect for team building! Form a team with you colleagues and show how much you know about the city. Your guide will act as quiz master and take you to several places in the city center, where the teams need to answer a question or do an assignment. Best team gets a little present.

Book a tour