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Our regular tours

Tours will start again on the 1th of July. Welcome!

Perfect for your first time in Antwerp. Get to know Antwerp's glorious past and understand why we are so proud of our city. Get a good overview of the highlights and the many stories it has to tell.

After the tour of the historic center, our experienced guide will be more than happy to give you tips of what to visit next and where the best food or drinks are in the city. Your perfect introduction to the city! Groups are limited to 15 people to keep it as personal as possible.

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Belgium is famous for its beer. So much so that it was even declared world heritage by UNESCO. So what are you waiting for? Join us for a beer tour and get to know all about our pride and joy.

This is not just an ordinary pub crawl, but since it's world heritage, we are dealing with a culturally approved tour! All jokes aside, always wanted to not only taste these beers, but also learn something about it? Then join our beer expert on a journey through 3 typical bars in Antwerp. Beers included in the price, as is the good atmosphere.

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Antwerp is more than only pretty architecture and stunning museums. This diverse city has a completely different side to it that is really worth exploring. This city has always been attracting people from all walks of life and from very diverse backgrounds, which resulted in a mix of ideas that makes Antwerp a city with many faces.

During this tour you'll find out about subcultures, alternative projects and a lot of street art. It's not exactly Berlin yet, but we're getting there.

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Pop-up tour

Every month Antwerp Locals offers pop-up tours around a certain theme, often linked to the time of the year or just something we really want to share with you. The dates are generally published through Facebook, so make sure to check them out.

The 2 pop-up dates for February have passed. Soon we will announce the pop-up tour for March. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to not miss a thing!